Mission & Services

In order to develop business in a global competitive environment, it is essential not only to foster own technologies, but an open innovation strategy that incorporates the cutting-edge technologies of other organizations to strengthen own competitiveness.

GVIN Ltd. has a strong human network with venture capitals, venture companies and research institutes of overseas (especially in Europe and Israel). Using this network, GVIN Ltd. can collect technical information and conduct consulting for collaboration of client companies with leading venture companies and institutes. GVIN Ltd. can also explore the world’s leading technologies and wisdom to meet customer needs.

GVIN Ltd. aims for the best match with the needs of Japanese companies, and will support the commercialization of cutting-edge technology in customers.

Technical area to be surveyed

Enterprise system, Service system
IoT, Cloud system, Data center, SaaS, MaaS, etc.
Informatics, Electronics
Mobile systems, Security systems, High performance processors, Analog devices, etc.
Medical systems and Biotechnology
Medical image processing, Gene diagnosis/analysis, Medical equipment/robotics, Artificial joints/blood, Healthy food, Functional food, Lifestyle diseases, Anti-aging, Health care, Synthetic biology, Microalgae, etc.
Energy, Environment
Next-generation batteries, Fuel cells, Energy storage, Solar energy, Wind power/ Tidal power/Geothermal generations, Seawater desalination, etc.
Novel functional material, High performance polymers, etc.
Cosmetics, Beauty products, Beauty devices, New agricultural technology, Sensor technologies (biosensors, optical sensors), etc.

Survey target organizations

  • Venture capitals
  • Venture companies
  • Universities
  • Research Institutes
  • Governmental agencies

Customer companies

  • General electric/electronics companies
  • Automobile companies
  • Material companies
  • Medical device companies, Medical product companies, Biotechnology companies