New global MOT strategy by “Open Innovation”

GVIN Ltd. arranges industorial Seeds-Needs encounter arena, through direct contacts of Tops and Tops.

GVIN Ltd. has established and is continuously updating unique world-wide human trust-based networks with venture capitals, ventures, research laboratories, universities and individuals.

Also, GVIN Ltd. has unique networks of executive staffs or decision-makers of all over the leading Japanese industries.

These networks are dynamic in nature, not static.

GVIN Ltd. proposes new global MOT (Management of technology) strategy by “Open Innovation”.

In order to develop business in a global competitive environment, it is essential not only to foster own technologies, but an open innovation strategy that incorporates the cutting-edge technologies of other organizations to strengthen own competitiveness.

GVIN Ltd. is a “Think Tank” to support Japanese industries to achieve “Globalization” through open innovation strategy.

The Symposium information is published.